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A lot of men and women find chasing debt hard but failing to do this can cause cashflow issues or worse for companies.

If you are owed cash and chasing it's wasting time and swallowing your tools, let us help. In the current climate, many small businesses have money tied up in loans that were outstanding. Often this has dire consequences for money flow and thus for the companies long term prognosis.

Earning debt from Scotland is simple -- at least in concept. Our debt recovery lawyers will help you by:

Sending your debtors a letter notifying them of this outstanding amount, demanding payment and notifying them that action will be removed if they don't make payment as requested. The vast majority of debtors pay at this point.

If this does not work, we will begin legal proceeding together with your permission.

In case the claim isn't disputed, we will take all measures to enforce the debt.

If the claim is contested, we'll proceed to lawsuit for your benefit.

At all stages of this procedure we will keep you informed. If you are experiencing trouble with debtors, we can help.

Retrieval of debt is important to all organisations and individuals in the present economic climate. We strive to maximise your return , where appropriate, seeking to recover statutory or contractual interest, reimbursement fees and judicial expenditures.

If you are owed cash, we can help. Our debt recovery solicitors have extensive experience of regaining our clients' loans that are outstanding.

The Way to Recover Debt Scotland

We've got an experienced Debt Recovery Team who will assist with all aspects of debt recovery, whether the debt is unsecured and secured. Our Team will give you a complete and professional service, at a cost effective rate. Our solutions vary from issuing initial demand letters through the raising of court activities to enforcing decrees and bankruptcy proceedings.

Our debt collection team advise on:

Pre-Litigation Procedures


Cross-Border Debt Procedures

We plan to created long lasting, collaborative relationships with our customers. To that end we are conscious that all customers have particular needs and requirements in relation to the retrieval of any debt for them. We aim to take this into account at the outset of any issue to be able to help enhance a restoration. Our experience indicates that we take into account the conditions and goals of each individual client, the client's priorities and some special issues that might arise during the course of this process. We can provide advice with regard to pre-litigation and coaching, with a view to encouraging clients. We can assist in advising clients in relation to their own credit management procedures when required.

Our Solicitors have extensive courtroom experience in dealing with debt actions including raising and protecting actions and appeals from the juvenile courts throughout Scotland and the Court of Session. We can raise activities for recovery of debts on behalf of both commercial customers and individuals. Our lawyers have experience acting for any number of public sector businesses and counsel a range of Property Management companies regarding a wide variety of housing matters including paychecks arrears, programmable repairs, rent arrears and other debts matters. We also give advice to clients in regard to actions for recovery of ownership of land.

Our staff has expertise in handling various complicated issues. Our team is supported by experienced individuals in our firm to deliver a complete business service.

Our experienced staff and practices guarantee the finest quality of service is always and effectively delivered. Our team prioritise and progress cases quickly and effectively.

Pre-litigation WDFI-Debt-Collection - Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions Advice

We can help in pre-litigation process, and we would discuss your situation and alternatives available.

In some cases, the very first step would be to issue a demand letter to the debtor advising that we're instructed in your behalf. We can help you in this regard. A pre-litigation letter advises that a debtor of this circumstance and needs payment to prevent legal actions. The correspondence is intended to prompt a reply and payment by the debtor.

In case payment isn't forthcoming, consideration could then be dedicated to raising court proceedings.

The sort of court action required on your behalf depends upon your own circumstance. If activity is required to recover payment, then the action required to be raised is contingent upon the amount due. In the event the debt will be less than 3,000 a small claims proceedings are right, if the debt is more than 3,000 but less than #5,000 a listing trigger actions would be raised and in which the debt is over #5,000 a normal action ought to be increased.

There are court rules that are specific to each kind of activity and our Debt Recovery Team have experience of raising all kinds of recovery activities in the Sheriff Courts and may provide the appropriate advice and guidance unique to your personal circumstance.

Please contact one of our Debt Recovery Team to explore your personal needs.



After successful court proceeding, the Courts problem an awarding Decree (a written conclusion ) and authorities can be undertaken to recoup the debt, even if needed. We'll be happy to advise on how to apply the Decree and recover payment.

When you've acquired a Decree (an award from the courtroom in your favor ) for recovery of money because of you, authorities requires to be contemplated using several techniques of diligence. "Diligence" is a term employed in Scotland to describe the many methods available for you to enforce the court order.

The first step in moving with any diligence in Scotland would be to serve a fee for payment on the celebration you've been awarded decree against. A fee for payment is a formal demand for repayment served by Sheriff Officers for payment of this amount as a Decree, including any interest and expenses. A charge for payment is a fourteen day notice to the debtor to make payment. If the debtor does not make payment or agreement within the given fourteen day period you can then proceed with further diligence. Our Debt Recovery Team will be delighted to discuss any aspect of enforcement with you.

A Decree allowed at a Scotland Sheriff Court could be enforced in England. To enforce a Decree in England you must apply to the court that granted the decree to obtain a certificate of money provisions. We can help in this process which includes lodging and preparing an affidavit with the Sheriff Court, which the original court action jumped. The affidavit most be ensured by a notary public.

When the certification of cash provisions is accessed that this requires to be lodged for enforcement with the relevant court in England. We work with experienced brokers in England and can assist in registering for the debt in England and applying exactly the same. Should You Would like to speak to a solicitor to Learn More on enrolling a decree in England please telephone our Debt Recovery Team on 0141 248 3456

It's likewise possible to apply a British or Welsh Court Judgment in Scotland and we can assist with this process. The very first step would be to acquire a certification of cash provisions from the court where the initial judgement was obtained. The certification must be enrolled within six months of the date of difficulty. Once receipt of the documented certificate is obtained, enforcement in Scotland can be considered and improved in your behalf.

If you're considering sequestration for a method of debt recovery you should be conscious that sequestration doesn't guarantee recovery of all sums due to you personally by a debtor. The borrower may, for instance, have additional lenders and the debtor's trustee will be require to disperse funds equally to all creditors on release of the debtor's repayment period of bankruptcy.

Our debt recovery team has considerable experience acting on behalf of customers trying to recover sums from a borrower by applying to their sequestration. In addition, we have good relationships with Insolvency Practitioners, who will help creditors in Assessing recoveries from debtors.

If You Are Thinking about sequestrating a debtor and Want to Talk to a solicitor please telephone our Debt Recovery Team on 0141 248 3456

Director is responsible for debt recovery and repossessions and dispute settlement and litigation. He has considerable experience in commercial law disputes and has been an enthusiastic participant in the commercial court at Glasgow because its introduction in 1999. He has more than 20 years of expertise in quantity debt recovery and supplies a complete range of debt recovery information to institutional and corporate customers, in addition to individuals.

He originally led up the debt department in Kidstons Solicitors, Glasgow. Thereafter, after the merger of Kidstons using a midsize Edinburgh company he led up the debt recovery division and assisted in attaining try here Legal 500 and Chambers positions for debt recovery.

Director and his team know how much clients appreciate effective debt recovery services especially in the current climate. Our clients trade both north and south of the border and litigate in the two authorities. Our team are able to assist in searching recovery of debts UK wide. The key for clients isn't just receiving an order from the courtroom. The clients want to acquire payment of debts for them. David and his team can guide their clients through the suitable legal processes with a view to attaining an expeditious and economical recovery.

She advises on a broad selection of issues such as debt recovery, alternative dispute resolution and contractual difficulties. She regularly appears in juvenile courts running litigation in any respect phases of the judicial procedure. She handles agency instructions for out of town solicitors and offers substantial donation to our debt recovery staff in both regular and evidential hearings in cases affecting all values of debt. She often liaises with advocates in regard to complex or Court of Session work and takes court appointments as a reporter and curator in sheriff court child maintenance cases.

Paralegal, having attended Strathclyde University and finished classes in Civil Court Procedure and Family Law. She has been qualified for over 15 years at Civil Court Practice.

Our Debt Recovery Team behave on behalf of some of Housing Associations and Real Estate Managers and Diane is the direct contact for a Number of These customers. Diane also has experience in appearing that the Sheriff Court in relation to heritable actions regarding termination of tenancies and also the recovery of outstanding rent. She attends Court Diets of Tests and looks prior to the Auditor of Court compared to Taxations.

She has experience in certain Family Law matters including simplified divorce process and the drafting of Minutes of Agreement. She completed her Family Law Paralegal Course in 2005.

Diane is a member of the Scottish Society of Specialist Paralegals, with become a part when the Society was founded in conjunction with Strathclyde University and also CLT Scotland.


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